Gladia Coin Might Be Underwater

Is Gladiacoin a Scam After All?

News from is that as of May 19th, GladiaCoin suspended affiliate ROI payouts for five days citing “conditions of the blockchain network”. When an MLM company quits paying its members and affiliates, it usually out of business within a few weeks.

Gladiacoin is a genre of online money making scheme called a “BitCoin Doubler”. They claim to do online trading on the high volatile cryptcurrency, and get high enouogh returns to pay their staff, double your investment, and still payout on the binary compensation plan.

Apparently doubler type programs have been around for years, but now they are taking the same “crap” and applying to BitCoin, because that’s what getting all the news these days. Unsuspecting investors keep hearing how BitCoin prices are rising and they feel that they have been left behind. Some just want any R.O.I. equal to or bigger than they used to get with banks, before interest rates crashed several years ago. People are leary of the stock market, and thus BitCoin seems the next logical place for them to invest.

When a company claims to be doing day trading, someone needs to check them out. Visit their facility, talk to their traders, and ideally look at their books. This is why public traded companies go through strict audits, to help protect the public. But the world of BitCoin, AltCoins, and cryptocurrency is still the “wild west” of investing.

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