Resources for Using Social Media to Generate MLM Leads

Using Social Media to Generate MLM Leads

Lead generation is essential for multi-level marketers. A steady supply of recruits helps you sell products and build your downline. If your supply of targeted leads dries up, so does your business.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to get your opportunity and products in front of the right people. Here is a look at who to target and which platforms work best.

Quality Leads

A constant flow of new leads is a direct path to success. But not just any lead. The goal is to attract interested, high-quality people.

Properly qualified leads make you money. But if they are unqualified, you waste time and marketing dollars on uninterested prospects. They most likely won’t sign up for the opportunity you are offering. Or if they do, they won’t be committed. If you are targeting low-quality leads to buy your products, your results will be very hit-or-miss.

Clearly, it is worth the time and effort to find high quality leads. Here is how to do it.

Establish Yourself

Committed people sign up with marketers who know what they are talking about and show how they can realistically help them make money. That’s why it is essential that you establish your credibility in your niche.

Use your blog to offer useful information to prospects. Demonstrate that you are an authority in your product area. Send out a newsletter with an emphasis on practical, entertaining information, not on sell, sell, sell.

Once you lay the foundation, set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Check out other platforms. Find one more that feels like a good fit.

If that’s intimidating, then sign up for just one account. Use it for two or three months, becoming thoroughly comfortable with it. When you’re ready, add another platform.

Best Practices

Once you’re set up on two or three accounts, it’s time to get active. Don’t feel you need to post multiple times a day. Start off with one post a day, three posts a week or whatever works for you. Your goal is consistency. Figuring out a workable schedule and sticking to it is what is effective.

Many MLMers are scared to get started. They are intimidated by the online culture. Relax. Social media platforms are simply another way to meet people, something you do routinely throughout your week. You can handle this. Be polite, interested, entertaining and helpful. That’s what attracts followers and gets people coming back.

Social media is all about connections. It’s not about selling. Give people information they can use today. Be practical and entertaining. Show respect and interest in their problems. Do your best to solve their problems. You can use these platforms to let people know about events, sales and discounts, but do it casually.

Remember, that’s not your purpose. What you’re doing on social media is forming relationships. In the long run, that’s why will get you sales and people joining your opportunity.


With more than one billion users, you simply can’t afford to ignore this social media behemoth. You can check out this article for ways to get free email leads.

Many marketers find that the most effective way to target qualified leads is with Facebook ads. Educate yourself about how to use these ads effectively. Facebook offers a primer for newbies. Hubspot also offers a step-by-step guide.


Twitter can help spread the word about your products and opportunity. It is an excellent way to update interested prospects about current specials.

Check out this article aimed at marketers who are new to promoting on this active social platform.

YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram

People love visuals like videos, graphics and photos. That’s what makes the visual social media platforms so popular. Given a choice of learning about your product from a video or from a blog post, more than half will choose the video.

Find a way to make the benefits of your opportunity appeal to the eye. Then make accounts on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Check out how your niche is promoted on each of them. Choose one to concentrate on.

Then learn all you can. Take simple first steps and keep building your audience. Here is a helpful Pinterest primer. This can fill you in on how to handle Instagram.This provides marketing strategies for YouTube.

Buying MLM Leads

If doing all the work do build your own flow of leads with social media sounds two daunting or time consuming, you can always just buy leads from good lead vendors.  You can buy MLM leads online from online reputable dealers.  Some have monthly programs so that you invest a consistent amount each month, and always get new leads.