Who is Eric Worre?

Eric Worre is well known and respected throughout the network marketing industry as one of its top professionals, and throughout the course of his career, he has trained personnel from hundreds of organizations, using proven business strategies that have brought success to virtually every one of them. He is a man at the very pinnacle of network marketing, and how he got there constitutes quite a tale.

Business beginnings

In 1988, Eric’s father and business partner, John, urged him to attend a meeting in which a business opportunity would be presented, which just might put extra money in Eric’s pocket. Although initially uncertain, Eric did attend the business meeting with his father and another business partner, and all three of them decided it was something they could not afford to pass up. Of course, at that time Eric couldn’t really afford to join in either, so he had to borrow the money from his father in order to become a startup partner.

From there, all three men would go on to earn significant profits in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry, and during this entire period, Eric gained valuable business insights about what motivates people to sell and what motivates other people to buy. These were crucial lessons to learn, since multi-level marketing involves not just the sales of one individual, but all the other individuals under the original seller. In this kind of model, people near the upper echelons can make a great deal of profit, and by applying all the insights and lessons learned in the next few years, Eric Worre became a fairly wealthy man.

Career shift

Eventually, Eric shifted his focus from involvement with buying, selling, and distributing, to training individuals and corporations about all the techniques and knowledge he had gained along the way to his own success. In 2009, he formed a company called Network Marketing Pro, which became the most popular training site in the entire network marketing profession, reaching more than 130 countries globally, including 300,000 people in leadership roles.

Since 2009, Network Marketing Pro has developed and provided to the industry more than 1,000 training videos free of charge, and it annually hosts one of the most popular training events in the industry. His book ‘Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional’, is named after the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery referred to above, and the book has enjoyed the same popularity as the conference itself.

With close to half a million copies in print, the book has been described as a requirement for anyone serious about starting and growing their own network marketing business. With a net worth in excess of $15 million, Eric is still driven to speak at corporate meetings and events all around the world, passing on the gems of information learned during a career of MLM success.

Learn about Eric and his book at his web site: Network Marketing Pro.